How Much Sleep Do Children Need Every Day?

Baby SleepingHow much sleep do children need? This can be the question in your mind right now. As a parent, furthermore if you are a new parent, you need to understand about the how much sleep do babies need or the kids need.

You know that every child will need to sleep for resting and growing up. Indeed, the sleeping for babies and kids is not only for resting and to have a fresher condition but also it is the right time for them to grow up. Therefore the long or the duration will be different for every age.

It is true that the kids or babies will need enough time to sleep. So every kids or babies age will be different. It is because the time that they need to grow up is also different.

For kids or babies, it is not about the quality of the sleep then they will sleep for the shorter time if they have a good sleep quality but this is about the time they need to grow up.

Then, to answer the question about how many hours of sleep do kids need or babies need, here are the explanations. Mattress also affects the quality of infant sleep.

Time Duration for Baby to Sleep

First is about the sleeping time of new born babies that has an age of 1 to 2 months. As a new born baby, they will spend the day almost in sleeping. Indeed, as the study have shown that a new born baby will need a time for about 10.5 hours to 18 hours a day.

It will be easy to recognize that they need to sleep or not. Usually, they will cry to sign that they are sleepy. After they are waking up, they will smile, moving their arms or fingers and the feet. Here, it seems they are active and health.

Second is for infants. Infants that have an age of 3 to 11 months will also have the different sleeping duration. So, remember that to know about how much sleep do children need, it will be different based on the age of the kids.

For infants they will need the time for sleeping for about 9 to 12 hours a day. Usually, at this infant’s age, the kids will spend all night for sleeping. Therefore, the night feeding will not necessary.

So they may sleep early before the night and waking up lately. Just make sure you have known the signs when they need to sleep. And night time they will spend the time for sleeping.

Time Duration for Kid to sleep

Third is for kids in the age of 3 to 5 years or you call also a pre-school age. In this age, kids will spend 11 to 13 hours at night to sleep. In this age also the nightmare or night fears will also commonly happen.

So the kids will need a time and sometimes you have to tell a story for a better sleep. For the school kids or 5 to 12 years, they will spend 10 to 11 hours to sleep at night. They will try a new habit for sleeping in the night as the adult had.

It is because this age they will also be interested in TV or other entertainments. So, sometimes they will also need the time for sleeping less than that time.

For this the parents should understand well about the health of the kids to sleep regularly. Those are the explanation to answer the question, how much sleep do children need.